Category: How to Protect your Home from the Ravages of the Winter Months

How to Protect your Home from the Ravages of the Winter Months

Using our 41 years of family experience in the residential roofing business Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper can help you protect your home for the damaging effects of ice buildup in your gutters and at the eave edges of your not to mention behind chimneys and along walls where lowers roofs intersect with 2nd… Read more »

How the Gutter Topper gutter cover Can Help Defeat Ice Dams

Since the mid to late 1990’s we have been using the solid aluminum Gutter Topper© gutter guard system to not only keep the debris out of our customers gutters but also to stop the damaging affects of ice moving down the roof and piling up inside the gutters preventing the melted water from flowing off… Read more »

Ice Dams – Insulation

In our last series of blogs we discussed how heat loss from inside your home escapes through your existing insulation, warms the air inside your attic between the insulation and the roof’s decking, transfers that warmth through to the shingles, melts the snow which drains to the unheated over-hang area which refreezes and creates ice… Read more »

Ice Dams and Proper Ventilation

Ice Dam

I have always said that you can not defeat Mother Nature however, we can mitigate the damage from excessive heat buildup in the attic during the summer months and the damaging affects caused by moisture and heat loss in our attics that creates and helps feed the ice buildup at our roof”s eave edges during… Read more »

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Ice Dams: How they are Formed and What Causes Them Over the last several years our winters in the West Michigan and Northern Indiana areas have brought the issue of damaging ice dams front and center. Most homeowners really don’t pay much attention at all to the ice and snow on their roof until there… Read more »