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Serving Southwest Michigan & Northern Indiana Since 1998

Gutter Topper is the ONLY Gutter Cover System to Pass 2 Independent Tests for Not Clogging, Handle 110mph Winds, Torrential Rain, Hold 1,200 lbs. of Ice & Snow and be Rated the #1 Solid Metal Gutter Cover on the Market Today by a Leading Consumer Reporting Magazine

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Why put Your Loved-Ones Health at Risk?

Lifetime Warranty Royal Brown Gutter Topper, White Seamless Gutters & Downspouts

Gutter Topper Ends the Fear & Danger of Climbing  Dangerous Ladders to Clean your Gutters!

Every year, over 100,000 homeowners fall from ladders and are seriously injured. Many fall from heights as low as 10 feet and spend an average of $4,000 on hospital co-pays, prescription drugs, lost wages, and physical therapy.

Ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

– Gutter Topper costs less than this to install on an average single- story home.

– Safety is one of the smartest reasons for installing Gutter Topper on your home.

Gutter Topper Works So That You Don’t Have To!

Gutter Topper gutter covers are customized at your home to adjust to your roofs pitch, style of shingles and gutters including the 13 colors to match your roof and gutter system.

The key to Gutter Topper’s amazing ability to handle water and repel leaves and debris is found in the science of its patented gutter cover design.

Water clings to the surface on which it travels. This ‘surface tension’ causes the water to cling to Gutter Topper’s rounded ‘nose’. The water literally follows the curve of the nose and is deposited in the slots at the bottom of the system. Leaves and debris, on the other hand, won’t follow the curve. They’ll remain on Gutter Topper’s flat surface and blow harmlessly to the ground once they dry out.

Independent Testing

“We tested Gutter Topper for Wind, Rain, Debris and Load Bearing (Weight) capability and nothing stopped it from working as it was supposed to.” – Don Portfolio, VP of PRI Construction Material Technologies, an independent testing firm.

Gutter Topper©:

  • Withstood 110mph Sustained Winds with no lift or movement
  • Handled 22 inches of Rain per hour- 15 inches more than has ever been measured to have fallen in the United States
  • No Debris was able to clog the interior- Leaves, Seeds, Pine Needles, Twigs etc.….
  • Withstood up to 1,200 lbs. of weight per sq. ft.

Gutter Topper is the only gutter protection system able to stand-up to strenuous independent testing. This is your assurance that your Gutter Topper gutter covers will perform as promised. You have the strong, most-tested system available.

  • Patented Ice Release System assists the movement of ice off your roof and gutter system
  • Exclusive Valley Diverter to handle the increase water flow in your roofs valleys.
  • Patented BirdGuard System that prevents birds from building nests inside your gutters.

Will Not Void Your Shingle Warranty

The leading shingle manufacturers appreciate the strength of Gutter Topper’s gutter covers. Don’t be mislead into thinking our gutter protection system will void the warranty on your roof. It won’t.

Here’s proof from two of the leading shingle manufacturers.
GAF and CertainTeed

Dark Bronze Seamless Gutters & Downspouts with Lifetime Warranty Light Bronze Gutter Topper

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Lifetime Warranty Royal Brown Gutter Topper with White Seamless Gutters & Downspouts

Royal Brown Lifetime Warranty Gutter Topper Lifetime Warranty Light Bronze Gutter Topper Black Lifetime Warranty Gutter Charcoal Lifetime Warranty Gutter Charcoal Lifetime Warranty Gutter Royal Brown Lifetime Warranty Gutter Light Bronze Lifetime Warranty Gutter Royal Brown Lifetime Warranty Gutter Topper Soffit & Fascia, Seamless Gutters & Gutter Topper Charcoal Lifetime Warranty Gutter