NorthGate – Climate Flex – SBS Modified Rubber Based Asphalt Shingle

Our Customers deserve the Best shingles be installed to protect their home which is why at Dennison Exterior Solutions and Gutter Topper we install rubber-based Class 4 hail rated NorthGate Shingle

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50 Year Labor, Material & Shingle Warranty

Class 4 Impact Resistance, the highest rating available   

130mph Wind Warranty Which May Lower Home Insurance Premiums

15 Year StreakFighter Warranty

Greater Cold-Weather Flexibility with Increased Granule Adhesion

Enhanced Crack Resistance

Better Weatherability

Shrink Resistance

40% Greater Nail Pull-Through & Tear Resistance than Standard Shingles

Your Roof Protects Everything That You Own

NorthGate vs Standard Shingles

When selecting a roofing contractor as well as the manufacturer of the shingles that will be installed on your roof including the grade, style and color there are many important factors to consider however, at Dennison Exterior Solutions with almost 50 years of experience installing new roofs with over 7,000 customers our customers have taught us that they demand a beautiful, long-lasting, energy efficient durable shingle that over the long-term will cut their roofing costs by more than 50 percent while saving energy and dramatically improving the curb appeal of their home. These are just some of the many factors why our customer primarily chooses to have us install the NorthGate Max-Def shingles on their home. They will out-perform our competitors’ standard shingles especially when their installation methods fail to even install proper ventilation thereby voiding their shingles warranty.

While most homeowners focus on the color of the shingle the first step in making certain the proper shingle is installed is to require the proper installation of the underlayment just in case the shingles fail. At Dennison Exterior Solutions we install our Leakproof Roofing System with new metal flashing around and along all wall and roof penetrations but more importantly installing the waterproof WinterGuard underlayment to the entire roof deck. The WinterGuard ice and water shield will adhere itself to all metal flashing, walls and roof penetrations including sealing itself around every roofing nail driven through it.

Several years ago all roofing manufacturers began to require proper ventilation be installed in order to validate their new shingles warranty. Many roofing manufacturers changed the characteristics of their shingles making most of them 50 Year Lifetime Warranty shingles if proper ventilation was installed. CertainTeed understood that this would create a problem with many responsible professional roofing contractors where in some lower grade shingles would end up having the same 50 Year Warranty as many higher-end shingles. The invention of the NorthGate Max-Def shingle by CertainTeed allowed Dennison Exterior Solutions customers an added choice to cut their long-term roofing costs by more than half, reduce energy consumption by the installation of proper ventilation, reduce homeowners insurance costs with the addition of the 130mph Wind Warranty and the Class 4 Hail Impact Rating and to dramatically improve the curb appeal of the customers home with one of the enhanced granule-mixed shingle colors as many homeowner prefer to have an enhanced color while their neighbors may have a similar color. The Max-Def granule-mixture of the NorthGate shingles provides our homeowners to still choose the same color but with the enhanced color granule-mixture our customers home can look dramatically nicer.

NorthGate ClimateFlex designer shingles offer the beauty and dimensionality of wood shake roofing in the form of a durable, polymer-modified asphalt. This results in high-quality roofing that offers enhanced resistance to damaging hail and superior surface granule adhesion (compared to standard asphalt shingles), as well as all-weather performance that protects a home year-round in any climate. 

Climate Flex Advantages

Cold-Weather Friendly 
The rubberizing aspects of ClimateFlex technology provide enhanced cold-weather pliability, allowing contractors to handle and install NorthGate ClimateFlex in low temperatures that make standard shingles stiff and brittle. 

About ClimateFlex Technology
ClimateFlex technology blends rubberizing polymers with our premium roofing asphalt to create a tough and flexible product that provides long-lasting performance against the elements.

ClimateFlex® shingle technology combines our durable roofing asphalt with the performance benefits of rubberizing polymers. This results in impact-resistant shingles that offer an industry-leading Class 4 rating for protection against hail damage and hail impact, as well as superior surface granule adhesion and all-weather performance that protects year-round in almost any climate or condition. 

The 15 Year StreakFighter Algae Resistance NorthGate Shingle

Those streaks you see on other roofs in your neighborhood? That’s algae, and it’s a common eyesore on roofing throughout North America. CertainTeed’s StreakFighter technology uses the power of science to repel algae before it can take hold and spread. StreakFighter’s granular blend includes naturally algae- resistant copper, helping your roof maintain its curb appeal and look beautiful for years to come.

Nail Trak on the NorthGate Shingle

The new and improved NailTrak nailing line, a feature on CertainTeed designer shingles is now brighter than ever before, with high-visibility lines that stand out whether it’s daybreak or dusk.

NailTrak removes the guesswork with three separately defined lines, creating a large area to guide your nailing.

NailTrak Removes when Installing Shingles

Quadra Bond – Advanced Layering a s

CertainTeed’s specially formulated adhesive adheres shingle layers at four points,
more than any other manufacturer. This superior bond provides greater protection against shingle delamination to maximize performance over the life of the shingle in any climate.

More than any other Manufacturer Quadra Bond provides Superior 4 Point Protection

Certa-Seal – Uplift Protection

CertaSeal is a fast-activating modified asphalt sealant with a 20-year record of proven performance. Designed to seal shingles together upon installation, it protects roofs from wind uplift and shingle blow-off so that homes stay safe and dry. It’s also engineered to remain flexible after installation, unlike harder sealants that can dry out and crack over time.  

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The 15 Year StreakFighter Warranty

Protection Against Ugly Stains

Industry’s Highest Protection Against Steaks

  • Two-piece laminated fiberglass-based construction
  • Classic shades and dimensional appearance of natural wood or slate
  • Lifetime limited transferable warranty
  • 50-year limited transferable warranty
  • 15 Year StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty
  • extra-wide nailing area for accurate installation
  • 50-year Dennison Exterior Solutions 4 Star SureStartTM protection (Upgradable to 5 Star)
  • 15-year 130 mph wind-resistance warranty based on Dennison Exterior Solutions installation methods
  • 270lbs Per Square
  • CertainTeed products are tested to ensure the highest quality and comply with the following industry standards:
  • Fire Resistance:
  • • UL Class A
    • UL certified to meet
  • ASTM D3018 Type 1
  • Wind Resistance:
  • • UL certified to meet ASTM D3018 Type 1 • ASTM D3161 Class F
  • Tear Resistance:
  • • UL certified to meet ASTM D3462
  • • CSA standard A123.5
  • Wind Driven Rain Resistance:
  • • Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance: Please reference to determine approved products by manufacturing location.