Heat Deflector

(Only Installed with the Installation of a New Roof or Siding)

Heat Deflector Insulation
Summer: Deflects heat up Winter: Deflects heat down

Cut 20 – 45% on Heating & Cooling your home with Heat Deflector Shield 

Using NASA Space Technology, our heat shield

Heat Deflector Insulation

Is a highly reflective perforated insulated blanket that is installed on top of your existing insulation that can also be attached to the bottom of the rafters under your roof’s decking.  We also install the Heat Deflector behind vinyl siding when we are residing homes.

The Heat Deflector Perforated Insulation allows moisture to pass through the products and still deflects 97% of the radiant heat up during the summer away for the inside of your home allowing your air conditioner to use less energy cooling the air.  In the winter the heated air inside your home is deflected back down allowing your furnace to run less and also keeping the air in your attic that is above the Heat Deflector and below your roof’s deck to be cooler.  This process also mitigates snow melt and minimizes the buildup of ice and icicles.

The Heat Deflector provides an R-16 insulation value however, when you include the reflective nature of both sides of the product its performance characteristics can reach the equivalent of an R-30.

  • Blocks 97% of the radiant heat, saving you money year after year
  • Pays for itself in Energy Savings!
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Never needs replacement
  • 0.03 Emissivity
  • Non-toxic/Non-carcinogenic

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Heat Deflector Insulation Sales Locations: Insulation Contractors in St. Joseph MI, Insulation Contractors in Stevensville MI and Insulation Contractors in Benton Harbor MI, Insulation Contractors in Granger IN and Insulation Contractors in Niles MI.