Buchanan Michigan Roof, Seamless Gutter, and Downspout Project

LandMark Pro Pewter Lifetime Labor, Material, and Shingle Warranty with White Seamless Aluminum Gutters & Downspouts

Dennison Exterior Solutions as Roofing Contractors in Buchanan Michigan was hired to upgrade this homes ventilation system to make it energy efficient, lower utility bills and double the lifetime of the roof to include a 50-year warranty.


Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper restored and upgraded the beauty of this older home. With the exception of the low-pitched roofs this will be the homeowners last roof they should have to install.


This beautiful home has a complicated roof in that many lower roofs intersect with walls or drain onto each other. Installing proper wall and step flashing is critical however, at Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper, we take it one step further by installing WinterGuard ice and water shield and apply it to the walls and the entire roof deck to ensure we have a leakproof roof for the duration of the life of the roof.


Much of the roof deck was delaminated from heat and moisture buildup inside the attic requiring new seven-sixteenths Oriented Strand Board (OSB) be installed to provide a good, clean flat surface for the application of CertainTeed’s LandMark Pro 50-Year warranty shingles and the nail less self-adhered Flintastic low-pitched roofing system that includes a base sheet that I call super waterproof ice and water shield as it is much thicker than ice and water shield but adheres to the entire roof deck and does not require the use of any fasteners. The homeowner also took advantage of having an open deck while we were replacing some of the decking to install additional insulation and replacing the some of the older insulation that had deteriorated when the roof had improper ventilation.


On this home we installed the LandMark Pro 50 Year labor, material warranty shingles that includes 130mph wind warranty based on our installation methods. The LandMark Pro also includes a fifteen year StreakFighter algae resistance warranty with a Class A fire resistance rating. The QuandraBond technology firmly secures the layers of a shingle together, helping roofs stand up to wind and weather so they maintain their beauty and performance. Featuring an industry-best four points of adhesion, and backed by CertainTeed’s superior manufacturer’s warranty, QuadraBond delivers exceptional quality and reliable strength against shingle delamination


CertaSeal is a high-grade adhesive made from a proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers that seals shingles together on the roof to safeguard against wind uplift, shingle blow off, and moisture infiltration. Unlike harder sealants that can dry out and crack over time, it is designed to remain pliable and accommodate the slight structural shifts caused by years of temperature and weather changes.


We completed this project with the of our seamless gutters which are customized at your home to your roof’s drainage specifications with the strongest inside hidden gutter hangers on the market today spaced every sixteen inches to twenty four inches dependent upon the spacing of the rafter tails behind the fascia to ensure that the actual fastener is embedded fully into wood which is the strongest area of the fascia.