Buchanan Michigan Vented Aluminum Soffit, Fascia, Seamless Gutter, and Downspouts Project

Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper as soffit & fascia contractors in Buchanan Michigan, Southwestern Michigan, Berrien County, and surrounding areas strives to encourage homeowners to properly ventilate their attic which reduces energy costs and can double the life of their roof by keeping the attic cooler and dryer and at the same time eliminate the need of having to periodically paint the overhang areas of their home.


Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper as roofing contractors in Buchanan Michigan this homeowner’s roof was in relatively good shape but had no intake and no exhaust vents at all thanks to an incompetent roofer leaving this homeowner without a shingle warranty. Most roofers sadly just replace the shingles and fault the homeowner by say something like – I was just hired to replace the shingles – but you can bet somewhere it was put in writing what the shingle warranty would be. According to the National Association of Home Builders most roofs get replaced within in 17 to 19 years while many others never make it past 10 due to a failure to install proper ventilation. On this home at least the intake venting side of the equation has been handled by our soffit and fascia installation so that once the roof needs to be replaced proper exhaust venting can be added.

Most wooden soffit and fascia require new paint be applied to protect the wood and maintain the beautiful appearance of the home’s exterior. By having aluminum soffit and fascia installed this ends that process and easily saves thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the home. Aluminum if cleaned by simply rinsing it off every spring and fall will maintain it beautiful appearance for decades and if needed can again be professionally painted again as long as a high-grade paint is used, and the painters make sure the paint they use does not in any way close up or plug the perforations in the soffit that allows the air to flow inside the attic.


Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper as soffit and fascia contractors in Buchanan Michigan have installed tens of thousands of feet of soffit and fascia on many homes throughout Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana. Our process begins with an appointment and a complete exterior and attic inspection as well as a detailed review of the estimate with the homeowner which includes a copy of our license, insurance, and many other certifications.


Once the customer places the order our office process the sale by double-checking the work order, ordering the material, placing the homeowners project on our installation list and job schedule. We then notify the homeowner via email with a private link to the installation/job list so that they may monitor the schedule 24/7 on their own without having to play phone or email tag. About a week prior to the start of the customers installation we notify the homeowner via email to schedule and confirm the appointment of the start of their project however, the crew that will perform the work must first earn the right to perform the work on their project by being released by the previous homeowner so that the crew will not have to return to the pervious project and interrupt their job.


The crew upon arriving at the job site will greet the homeowner and inquire about where they may setup their equipment then proceeds to review the work order with the homeowner before commencing work. If any additions to the work order are required such a replacing any bad wood as required, the homeowner will be informed. Throughout the installation our crews take photos documenting their work when necessary.


A few days prior to completing their work our office will contact the homeowner to and email them a final statement to review so that once the installation has been completed and “before” the crew leaves the customers property the customer will meet with the foreman to review the work performed to ensure they are satisfied including making sure the worksite is cleaned to their satisfaction and then handing the final payment to the foreman. This releases the crew to move on and begin work on their next project and to be paid.


Usually within a week the owner or his designee returns to inspect the project as well.


Aluminum Soffit and Fascia protects your home, protects you from having to climb ladders to scrap and paint or hiring professional painter every few years and beautifies your home over the long-term.


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Buchanan Michigan Project Photos by Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper