How the Gutter Topper gutter cover Can Help Defeat Ice Dams

Ice Dam

This roof has the maximum amount of Insulation and Ventilation yet there is still an obvious problem.

Since the mid to late 1990’s we have been using the solid aluminum Gutter Topper© gutter guard system to not only keep the debris out of our customers gutters but also to stop the damaging affects of ice moving down the roof and piling up inside the gutters preventing the melted water from flowing off the roof and draining through their gutter system. The melted snow or slush refreezes once it reaches the overhang or unheated eave edges of their homes. This frozen water creates a dam that prohibits the snow and ice from moving off the roof. The Gutter Topper© gutter cover is the only gutter protection system on the market today that includes an Ice Release System that assists the movement of ice and snow off the roofs eave edges at a much faster pace. In addition, Gutter Topper now has an optional Heated Ice Release system that uses a constantly heated cable that is fastened to the underside of the Topper and also lays on the bottom of the inside of the gutter and is fed down the interior of the downspouts to allow the ice to melt and still flow through the gutter system.

Gutter Topper© which is made and manufactured in the USA was designed with a patented lock-on system which wraps around and fastens to the entire eave edge of your gutter system with stainless steel zip screws spaced every foot while the back part of the panel is custom bent to match the pitch of your roof. The panel is slid under the second row of shingles which protects your shingles warranty and fastened down to the roof’s deck with stainless steel deck screws every foot which are also located under the second row of shingles. This unique fastening system sigificantly increases the load-bearing capabilities of the Gutter Topper gutter cover.

The Ice Release System™.

The Ice Release System™

The smooth top part of the panel is where you will find the Gutter Toppers© exclusive Ice Release System™. The small bends in the aluminum panel are strategically located to use the natural expansion and contraction of the panel when the temperature changes. When ice and snow move off the roof and sit on top of the panel when the temperature changes the aluminum panel expands and contracts allowing the small strategically located bends to move and break-up the ice and help it move off and onto the ground. This process allows the ice and snow to move off the eave edges of your roof at a much faster pace.

GT Ice Release System copy 4The unique way Gutter Topper© is fastened to the entire front edge of the gutter systemGT Ice Release System copy 2
and under the second shingle significantly strengthens your entire gutter system. With Gutter Topper© there is no longer anything that will obstruct the movement of ice and snow off your roof.

As we stated in a previous Blog, your roof’s pitch is like a mountain and the ice and snow acts like a glacier constantly moving towards the eave edges of your home. By installing our Heat Deflector insulation keeping the heat inside your home during the winter months, our system then allows your upgraded ventilation system to exhaust the heat and moisture above the insulation while at the same time reducing energy costs. If we installed a new roof we have also installed Ice and Water Shield under the shingles at all eave edges, valleys and around all of the roof’s protrusions. This rubberized underlayment adheres itself to the roof deck and prevents any ice and water from backing up under the shingles and reaching the roofs decking and leaking into your home. Now with Gutter Toppers© Ice Release System™ installed on top of your gutters the ice and snow will simply move off your roof.

Our number one phone call during winter months are from customers who have forgotten about our in-home discussion regarding the fact that with Gutter Topper© installed they will then see all of the ice and snow move off their roof. During this period a home that may not have had any icicles in the past due to the fact the with an open gutter ice and snow dams up inside and above the existing gutters and backs up the roof may now see icicles form on the front nose/edge of the Gutter Topper©.

GT Ice Release System copy 3For customers who want to eliminate the formation of icicles on their home or on their existing Gutter Topper© (retrofitted) we can install the Heated Gutter Topper©. With the Heated Gutter Topper© system we add a special heat cable that begins within a downspout and enters the gutter through the outlet and lays on the bottom of the gutter while the other half of the cable is then fastened to the underside of the Gutter Topper©. The heat from the cable radiates throughout the top of the panel melting any ice and snow that may move to the front nose/edge of the panel.

There is no other gutter cover system on the market today that has the versatility of the Gutter Topper© system let alone

The Gutter Topper Heated Ice Release System

The Gutter Topper Heated Ice Release System

one that has passed rigorous independent testing.

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