Ventilation Fail

This 6/7 year old roof at a home located at 4463 M140 in Eau Claire Michigan experienced a major failure when another roofer failed to install proper ventilation. Sadly, most roofers fail to install proper ventilation which means the homeowner never a had an actual warranty. They just installed a new roof and moved on to the next failed installation only interested in being paid for new shingles and not a properly ventilated and warranty’d roof. This roofer did exactly just that. The intake vents at the eave edge were completely blocked by insulation in the attic so neither the intake or exhaust vents, ridge vent was not working at all. In 6/7 short years the moisture and heat buildup under the roofs deck completely destroyed the insulation, decking, shingles including the beautiful tongue and groove ceiling inside the home. 

When Dennison Exterior Solutions as roofing contractors in Eau Claire Michigan arrived on the scene we inspected the attic and prescribed to the homeowner to close off the gable vents so as to not short-circuit the new intake and exhaust ventilation system. We removed the destroyed shingles and underlayment as well as the all the decking. We then repaired the insulation and installed insulation baffles in order to create the proper air channel for the installation of the Edge Vent intake vents and the filtered ridge vent with an external baffle that creates negative pressure above the vent which pulls the cooler dryer air in the Edge Vent intake vents. That air flows uniformly under the roof deck and exhausts through the ridge vent. This roof now has a validate lifetime 50 year warranty. 

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