The Estates Roof & Gutter Topper Project

3151 Estates Court, Saint Joseph Michigan

3151 Estates Court, Saint Joseph Michigan

Products Installed:

Shingles: Independence Georgetown Gray Shingles (Lifetime, limited transferable warranty), 15-year StreakFighter warranty against streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae, 15-year, 110 mph wind-resistance warranty, 250 lbs. per square

SureStart Warranty: 50 years, 100% replacement including labor costs due to manufacturing defects

CertainTeed Winter Guard (ice and water shield), Diamond Deck (synthetic felt) and Ridge Vent (with an external baffle)

Gutter Topper in Charcoal (Lifetime Warranty)

Homeowner Goals: 1. Investigate, identify, correct and prevent future ice and water leaks. 2. Update the roofs attic ventilation system to validate the new shingles warranty and to reduce energy consumption by reducing the heat and moisture buildup. 3. Install an excellent one-of-a-kind roofing architectural shingle that would enhance the homes appearance, differentiate the roof from others in the neighborhood, eliminate the need to replace the roof in their lifetime and include a 100% labor and material warranty. 4. Clean out, tune-up, adjust the existing gutter system and install a maintenance-free gutter protection gutter guard system – Gutter Topper – that would eliminate the dangerous task of keeping the gutters free-flowing and clean.

As roofing contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan the large roof project on this beautiful home actually began with a successful small repair between a dormer on the back of the home about a year and half before replacing the entire roof.

Unfortunately, most roofers are lazy and only install ice and water shield protection where the building codes require it at the eave edges of the home. Some roofers may also go one step further and apply the shield to the valleys as well however, at Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers we recommend the installation of ice and water shield to be installed around all protrusions through the roof (soil pipes, sky lights, satellite’s, chimneys, roof vents), where all lower roofing shingles meet a wall for a higher roof=line or 2nd story wall. Even though this does slightly increase the costs of the project doing so eliminates future service-calls. With the initial repair the previous roofer failed to not only install the ice and water shield but also failed to install counter-flashing to the wall on top of the step flashing. This allowed rainwater to flow down the wall and get behind the roof cement that had dried out and cracked and flow onto the garage ceiling below.

The second call this spring was to help identify and correct two primarily winter time leak points on opposite sides of the front entry of the home where a lower roof meets the wall. This is a very common leak point on many homes May 31, 20151which is why an experienced roofer such as Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers would always use ice and water shield under the shingles in those areas as well as using a combination of step and counter flashing to protect those vulnerable areas from water infiltration.

Even though the weather chased us during the project with rain, cold, wind and very warm and humid temperatures at times we managed to complete this large project in a little over a week.


As you can see the Independence shingle is a beautiful laminated, with randomly placed tabs that are woven to DSCN3657display a one-of-a-kind design. The smooth surface and the random tabs combine to give the classic roofing style. A full-size base shingle for maximum coverage and ease of roofing installation, saving you on labor installation charges. Random laminated tabs for added depth, a look that will provide curb appeal for your home, from any angle.

Here is what the homeowner had to say in a review of our work: Wonderful experience working with Scott Dennison and his crew. From the initial estimated to the completed roof every detail was as specified. His work crew were a very hardworking professional group. They cleaned up as they worked and started each morning at the same time and worked hard all day. They always had a smile and answered any questions we had. I would highly recommend Dennison Exterior Solutions and Gutter Toppers.”

Gutter Topper: Charcoal

Gutter Topper: Charcoal

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