Stevensville Michigan Roof, Partial Siding and Gutter Topper Project

Location: 1790 Norfolk Drive, Stevensville Michigan

Products Installed: CertainTeed LandMark Pro Weathered Wood Shingles, CertainTeed Monogram Double 4 inch Vinyl Siding and Light Bronze Gutter Topper

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Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper as gutter guard contractors in Stevensville Michigan we were tasked several years ago to install gutter protection on this beautiful home in Stevensville Michigan. We met with the homeowner and discussed the many choices in gutter protection on the market today. While there are three basic systems screens, filters and solid metal gutter guards we discussed the differences between they systems. Screens can provide temporary relief from having to clean you gutters however, within a season or two the most dangerous annual chore is now even harder as the debris becomes stuck inside the screens, sifts through into the gutter as well requiring not only the screen to have to be cleaned but the gutter as well. Many screens are also installed under and between the first course of shingles breaking the seal of the starter strip voiding the warranty on the shingles. Mother Nature easily defeats filters simply by knowing that every fine mesh filter becomes clogged over a short period of time with small dirt particles that builds a bridge over the filter allowing the water to flow over the mesh and onto the ground. Squirrels and other animals chew the fine mesh off that’s installed over plastic part of the filter. That destruction defeats the filter and renders the filter useless. The Gutter Topper gutter guard system does not create or experience any of those problems as Gutter Topper was specifically engineered to withstand almost anything that Mother Nature can throw at it.


Unlike screens and other solid metal gutter guards Gutter Topper was specifically engineered to be installed over the first course of shingles and under the second and be deck screwed down every foot under the shingles using stainless steel deck screws. Gutter Topper is also fastened to the entire front lip of the gutter system using it’s patterned double reinforce locking lip which which locks onto the entire front edge of the gutter and is then fastened every foot using stainless steel zip screws. Gutter Topper has eleven critical bends of strength, forming a rounded ‘nose’ that water follows into a series of specially designed slots. This amazing gutter cover design makes Gutter Topper both exceptionally strong and exceptionally effective that catapults debris off of the Gutter Topper and on to the ground below.

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Siding Repair Prior to New Roof Being Installed

The following year the homeowner called us based on our previous Gutter Topper work and their satisfaction and asked us to correct and area of wood siding on the second story of the home. The wood siding had experienced sever warping from wet dry conditions which pulled away from the walls of the home. After an inspection and discussion of the options involved the homeowner hired Dennison Exterior Solutions to remove the wood siding and install a matching color of CertainTeed’s Monogram vinyl siding. So, as vinyl siding contractors in Stevensville Michigan we completed the project without any problems.

After several attempts to cure a nagging leak over the garage roof the general condition of the roof was to the point of having passed it life expectancy. So, again the as roofing contractors in Stevensville Michigan Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper was hired to remove and replace the roof. The homeowner chose for us based on our recommendations to have CertainTeed’s Winter Guard ice and water shield installed per code at the eave edges and around all of the roofs protrusions such as all the skylights, soil pipes the chimney and where all of the roofs meet and intersect with the walls of the homes. We then installed CertainTeed’s LandMark Pro Weathered Wood shingles.

Here is what the customer wrote in a recent review based on work performance on his home. “Our 3 story house, with a complex roof was handled beautifully by the Dennison team. I still cannot believe how fast and problem free the project went. Every aspect of the job was covered completely from start to finish-oh yes very tidy clean up. Everyone knew their job and was professional and courteous. When the roofing materials were delivered, I asked the driver how doing a job for Dennison’s compared to other roofers. He said that they used the best materials and didn’t skimp like some other outfits. I highly recommend Dennison’s for maximum satisfaction.”