Stevensville Michigan Needle Guard Gutter Guard Project

Location: 4721 Cleveland Avenue, Stevensville MI 49127

 Products Installed: Needle Guard Gutter Guard System by Gutter Topper

 Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers as gutter guard contractors in Stevensville Michigan We were tasked with providing this home with the proper gutter guard protection that would out perform the homeowners existing screen gutter guards and yet not interfere with the prestigious CertainTeed lifetime warranty Grand Manor shingle.

Grand Manor Shingle by CertainTeed

Grand Manor Shingle by CertainTeed

Gutter Topper offers several systems that will not only not harm or void your roofs warranty but they also have a low profile that will not change the look of your home.

Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers as gutter guard contractors in Stevensville Michigan employs highly qualified technicians with over 20 years of experience who can determine which type of gutter protection within the Gutter Topper brand is best suited to handle any debris the trees surrounding your home can throw at it.

Before Needle Guard Was Installed

Before Needle Guard Was Installed

For this homeowner we determined that the best lifetime warranty product to install on this home given that the existence of a few pine trees but more importantly the type of shingle including the size of the roof that the Needle Guard gutter protection system by Gutter Topper was the best choice.

Needle Guard

Needle Guard

Pine needles have always been a problem for gutter protection products – until now!  Their small size would slip through the cracks and prevent the gutter protection system from working properly.

The Needle Guard was specifically designed to combat the problems caused by pine needles.  Micro-perforations allow the rainwater to enter the gutter, while at the same time, keeping the pine needles from clogging up the system.

Homeowners have been looking for a cost effective, hassle-free way to eliminate the clogs that pine needles can cause in their gutter systems.  But at the same time, they wanted a product that would stand up to everything Mother Nature could throw at it.  The Needle Guard can handle 17” of rainfall per hour.  That’s 34 feet of rain in one day!  And because of the heavy gauge aluminum from which the product is manufactured, you can be sure it will stand up to heavy snow and ice.

The Needle Guard installs over your existing gutters and actually strengthens your gutter system.  It looks great with any type of roof and fits 5” and 6” gutters.

Needle Guard

Needle Guard

Sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest headaches.  The Needle Guard is the perfect solution to pine needle problems.

How does the Needle Guard compare to the many micro-mesh filter type systems out on the market today. The Needle Guards .024 thickness aluminum micro-perforations were engineered specifically to prevent dirt, granules and as previously stated pine needles from clogging the gutter cover. This factor is very important since most other micro-mesh filter gutter guards like the two pictured here (photo 1 and 2) allow small particle to get lodged within the micro-mesh filter causing water to now run completely over the cover and onto the ground instead of flowing into the gutter.

This system (photo 1) uses a screen just like you will find on most windows to try and keep debris out of your gutters however, you can clearly see that small dirt and granules from the shingles have clogged the screen and now the water just flows right over it on to the ground.

Photo 1 - Mesh-Screen Filter

Photo 1 – Mesh-Screen Filter

This system (photo 2) uses a micro-mesh filter that is fastened over a plastic grate or screen. As you can see this system has also allowed small dirt and granules from the shingles have clogged the screen and now the water just flows right over it on to the ground. Notice that the micro-mesh is missing from some of the gutter cover? The squirrels chewed through it and tore off the micro-mesh.

Photo 2 Micro-Mesh Filter

Photo 2
Micro-Mesh Filter

Many of these types of systems fail after a season or two. In fact, name a filter type system that you do not have to periodically clean or purchase a new system?

With Needle Guards specifically engineered micro-perforations and the small solid raised bends on panel causes the water to push the debris off the Needle Guard while allowing the rain to flow into the gutter.

With Needle Guard there will never be a need to climb dangerous ladders or get on to the roof to clean your gutters.

Needle Guard Logo

Needle Guard Specifications

 The Needle GuardTM is 100%
solid aluminum roll formed
into five foot lengths with perforations speed ridges patented and clip on system. The Needle GuardTM comes in three sizes to accommodate 5 to 15 inch gutters

Length inches: 60 Thickness inches: Nominal 0.024
Paint Coating thickness (mils) 0.80 + 0.05 Perforation diameter: 0.045


The Needle GuardTM manufactured by J.O.Y. Aluminum Products, Amelia, Ohio and is readily available with shipping time dependent upon distance;

Usually one (1) to four (4) days.


Twenty (20) year transferable paint finish warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling
or blistering. Limited Lifetime Transferable Performance Warranty on the product to keep gutters free flowing.