South Bend Indiana Roof & Seamless Gutter Project

IMG_4678Location: 1113 North Twyckenham Drive, South Bend IN 46617

Products Installed: CertainTeed LandMark Pro Georgetown Gray Shingles & White Seamless Gutters and Downspouts

As roofing contractors in South Bend Indiana we were the only contractor that understood proper ventilation in order to validate the new shingles warranty. Most contractors have no clue how to calculate the net free airflow required under the roof deck let alone taking the proper measurements. Most contractors simply install a ridge vent – any ridge vent and “call-it-a-day” leaving the homeowner with no actual warranty. What’s also interesting is that the contractor actually doesn’t even know that even though the homeowner has paid for a shingle warranty that the actual warranty doesn’t existing without not only proper but also sufficient intake and exhaust vents being installed.

At Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers our team is certified by the manufacturer’s in proper ventilation in order to assure that when we accept a roof project the homeowner can be assured that their new shingles warranty will be validated.

As is typical of most hip and ridge ranch style homes they lack an insufficient amount of ridge to qualify for the net free airflow required however, we use the CertainTeed Ridge 12” Filtered Ridge Vent which has an external baffle that creates negative pressure above the ridge which pulls in the cooler dryer air in through the eave/under-eave soffit intake vents and circulates through the attic exiting through the ridge vent. Without the required lineal footage of ridge available we then must use the hips of the roof and install Hip Vents in order to attain the proper venting requirements in order to validate the new shingles warranty.

The homeowners and the roof on this home on Twyckenham Drive in South Bend is now thanks to our updating its ventilation system and installing CertainTeed Winter Guard ice and water shield to the first six feet of all eave edges is not only well protected from winters ice dams and wind driven rain but will also see a reduction in cooling costs by the attic being cooler during the summer months.

IMG_4681As seamless gutter contractors in South Bend Indiana we use .028-thickness gutter coil and customize our seamless gutters at our customers homes. We use factory-manufactured box inside and outside miters as well as downspout outlets to ensure a customized professional water control system.

To complete this project we installed new seamless gutters and downspouts.