Sawyer Michigan Siding, Soffit, Fascia, Seamless Gutter & Gutter Topper Project

Gabrys Before & AfterLocation: 6697 Terry Lane, Sawyer Michigan 49125 (Shorewood Hills & Bethany Beach)

Products Installed: CertainTeed Monogram Canyon Blend Double 4” Vinyl Siding, CertainTeed 3 ½” Vinyl Lineals, Natural Clay Fully Vented Aluminum Soffit, Light Bronze Aluminum Fascia, Light Bronze Seamless Gutters and Light Bronze Gutter Topper

IMG_4702 (1)As siding contractors in Sawyer Michigan we were contacted to remodel the exterior of this home not only to make it maintenance free but to also reside the soffit and fascia areas that had been incorrectly installed the previous year.

We began by removing the incorrectly installed soffit and fascia and made sure the air passages up into the attic were sufficiently clear so as to allow airflow up into the attic for proper attic ventilation. In addition, we also removed the vertical wood trim and brick moldings on the existing wood siding and around the windows and doors to provide a smooth and clean surface for the application of the vinyl siding.

We began the exterior wall siding application by first installing our exclusive Heat Deflector Insulation which uses NASA space technology to deflect heat. This insulation is approximately ¼” thick with two perforated applications of a radiant barrier on each side with compressed foam insulation between them. The compressed foam has an R-Value of 15.67 and when you add in the fact that the radiant barrier film on each side of the foam deflects 97% of the heat the total R-Value of the Heat Deflector Insulation has an actual R-Value of R-30. The Heat Deflector Insulation will greatly reduce the heat transfer by deflecting the heat back into the home during the winter months and reduce interior heating costs and in the summer months will deflect the heat outside and reduce interior cooling costs. Depending upon the application the U.S. Department of Energy has determined that the Heat Deflector Insulation can reduce utility costs by as much as 45%.DSCN3808

After completing the installation of the Aluminum Soffit and Fascia we began the installation of CertainTeed’s vinyl 3 ½” Lineals around all doors and windows. This product is a three-piece system replaces the need to paint the exterior wood trim and will not chalk and fade or dent like aluminum wrap. The Lineals receive the cut edge of the vinyl siding give us a nice clean finished look.IMG_4699 (1)

We then installed CertainTeed’s Monogram Canyon Blend Double 4” Vinyl Siding to all the walls to complete the siding part of the project.

As seamless gutter contractors in Sawyer Michigan we brought out to the jobsite our seamless gutter machine and ran out and formed the seamless gutters to the necessary specifications for this home. Unlike most contractors who are lazy and cut corners we use factory pre-made outlets for proper drainage down into the downspouts. Our seamless gutters are designed to blend in with the fascia while we recommend that the downspouts match the color of the walls to blend in and become less noticeable.IMG_4700 (1)

As gutter guard contractors in Sawyer Michigan we installed the only gutter protection system that has passed independent testing for wind, rain, debris infiltration and snow/ice loads. Gutter Topper has been rated the #1 solid metal gutter cover by a leading consumer magazine and has been proven to handle any debris Mother Nature can throw at it. In addition, Gutter Topper gutter guards can withstand 110 mph sustained winds with no lift or movement while also handling the heavy weight of ice and snow during the winter and can move 22 inches of rain water per hour over its surface and into the gutter.

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