Saint Joseph Michigan Roof, Siding, Soffit, Fascia Gutter Topper Project

Location: 909 Kingsley Avenue Saint Joseph Michigan 49085

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Products Installed: CertainTeed LandMark Pro Heather Blend Shingles, CertainTeed Ridge & Edge Vent, CertainTeed Monogram D-4” Vinyl Siding around the entry and the Reinstallation of the Gutter Topper

Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers as gutter guard contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan removed and saved the original Gutter Topper that we had installed on this home several years ago in order to protect its lifetime transferable warranty prior to our installation of a new roof and ventilation system.

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Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers as roofing contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan we removed the old 3-tab (3-n-1) shingles on this home. We also had to correct a ventilation situation, as this home has no overhang/soffit area in order for us to install intake vents. We solved this problem by installing CertainTeed’s Edge Vent near the edge of the roof where the actual attic begins on the home. The Edge – intake – Vent works together with the CertainTeed exhaust vent that has an external baffle that creates negative pressure above the vent at the peak of the house and draws cooler dryer air into the attic through the Edge Vent allowing this cooler dryer air to circulate throughout the attic while the ridge vent pumps the hotter moist air out of the attic. This process saves energy by reducing air conditioning costs, reduces the process of moisture matting and reducing the R-Value of the insulation and increases the warranty from 30 years on the shingles to 50 years.

We installed CertainTeed’s LandMark Pro Heather Blend shingles, which are a heavier shingle per 100 square feet (250 lbs.) than the lighter 3-tab shingles that already on the home but had exceeded their life expectancy. The Pro shingles also include a 110 mph wind warranty, 15 year StreakFighter warranty to prohibit the dark streaks you find on many roofs. In addition, based on our credentials this shingle also comes with a 50-Year SureStart Warranty that covers 100 percent of labor, materials, no pro-rating and is transferable to a new homeowner.

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As siding contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan this home already had 8-inch aluminum siding on almost the entire home with the exception of around the front entryway. We were asked to make that area maintenance free as well to eliminate the need to paint every few years. We installed vinyl siding to the two walls that encompassed the front entryway and as soffit and fascia contractors we also cover the small overhang/soffit area above the front porch.

To complete the project Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers as gutter guard contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan we reinstalled the gutters that we removed prior to performing the roof work. We also reinstalled the Gutter Topper to complete the project.