Saint Joseph Michigan Roof Project

Location: 1190 Vineland Road Saint Joseph Michigan 49085

Products Installed: CertainTeed LandMark Pro Shingles, Winter Guard Ice & water shield, Diamond Deck Synthetic Felt and Ridge Vent

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CertainTeed LandMark Pro

As roofing contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan we tackled this project in the dead of winter.

After sitting down and discussing the options for removing and replacing the roof and the requirement to upgrade the ventilation system in order to validate the new shingle warranty we proceeded to remove the old shingles and prep the roof deck for the installation of new drip edging and the underlayment’s. In Michigan the building code requires that ice and water shield must be installed on all eave edges and extend up the roofline 24 inches beyond the interior wall line. Most homes have an overhang of at least 12 to 18 inches. When added to the width of the exterior walls and the pitch of the roof this typically means that two rolls of 36 inch wide ice and water shield are installed. As was the case here at Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers we typically install 2 rolls of CertainTeed’s Winter Guard Ice and Water Shield – 6 feet up the roofline less a small amount of overlap. We also install Winter Guard up all valleys, soil pipes, chimneys, electrical risers, satellites or any other protrusion through the roof. Winter Guard adheres itself to the roof deck and will seal itself around all nails drive through it as the shingles are installed on top of it.

On the balance of the roof we installed CertainTeed’s Diamond Deck synthetic felt which is a high performance underlayment and out performs 15 lbs. or 30 lb. paper felts in terms of weather protection and installer safety. This water resistant underlayment will not wrinkle and telegraph those wrinkles like paper felts do to the shingles applied upon them. Diamond Deck provides excellent slip resistance even when wet.

LandMark Pro Moire Black Shingles

LandMark Pro Moire Black Shingles

The homeowner chose to have us install CertainTeed’s LandMark Pro Moire Black shingles. The Pro series included a lifetime warranty based on our installing an upgraded ventilation system, a 50 SureStart warranty that covers 100 percent Labor and Material as well as no prorating and is transferable if the home is sold. The Pro series also includes a 15-year StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty, a 15 year 110 miles per hour wind warranty and weights 250 pounds for every 100 square feet.