How To Cut Your New Roof Costs by 50%

Sadly, most roofers give homeowners a low price to win the job to replace the existing shingles and then falsely claim that the shingles include a 25-to-30-year warranty to entice the homeowner to save thousands on a new roof. However, these roofers some of which have been around for a long time so homeowners believe they are reputable, but they fail to install proper ventilation with the new shingles as is now required by all roofing manufacturers leaving the homeowner without a shingle warranty. Yes, the homeowner may have saved $3,000 on smaller roofs and up to $10,000 on much larger roofs but because proper ventilation was not installed these roofs typically according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) end up needing to be replaced 17 to 19 years later, several decades before they should be.  Also, according to the HAHB’s while the roof may look nice from the ground many of the improperly installed roofs end up being replaced within 10 years!


Most Improperly Ventilated Roofs are Replaced in 17 to 19 Years!

Again, these roofs fail to have a shingle warranty which is not disclosed by the roofer because proper attic ventilation was not installed which over the long term those roofing costs are doubled by only lasting half as long as they should which does not include the extra cost in utility bills from improperly ventilated attics which causes air conditioners to run much longer than needed.


At Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper our roofing process focusses on installing a Leakproof Roofing System and Proper Ventilation which increases the 30-year warranty shingles into 50 Years! That 50 Year Shingle Warranty also includes a 50 Year Labor and Material Warranty all backed by the manufacturer. Yes, our roofs will last 50 Years which over the long-term cuts you roof costs by almost 50% by not having to replace your roof every 17 to 19 years which is the national average. In addition, with a properly ventilated attic in addition to our unique usage of our Heat Deflector Insulation which uses NASA space technology can reduce your utility bills by up to 40% depending upon the attic it’s installed in.


Heat Deflector Insulation – Uses NASA Space Technology to Deflect 97% of the Heat

In addition, to cutting your long-term roofing costs by 50% and reducing your energy consumption which results in lower utility bills by up to 40% our installation methods and the specific shingle most of customers choose to have us install lowers their homeowner’s insurance as well. Our shingles based on installation methods include a 130mph wind warranty which stops your shingles from blowing off and our NorthGate shingle which is considered the most durable shingle on the market today includes the industries only Class 4 Hail Rating. Both the 130mph wind warranty and Class 4 Hail Rating reduces your annual homeowner’s insurance rates.


Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper Heather Blend Class 4 Hail Rated/130mph Shingles

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