Gutter Topper Gutter Guard Installation in Granger Indiana

Location: 51641 Caledonian Drive, Granger IN 46530

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As gutter guard contractors in Granger Indiana Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper understands that home owners now have many choices when it comes to gutter protection however, most homeowners do not know that only one gutter protection system has passed not one but two independent tests to weed out those systems that fail to perform properly from those that work at least over the short term. Gutter Topper is the only gutter protection system proven by independent testing to handle torrential rainfall of 22 inches per hour, 110 miles per hour, debris infiltration and heavy snow loads of which Gutter Topper can hold 1,200 pounds per square foot.

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These Granger Indiana homeowners were concerned that with such a large home that they select the correct gutter protection system proven to handle the elements that Mother Nature could throw it but wanted to ensure that they would no longer have to climb ladders multiple times a year putting their health in danger to keep their gutters free flowing and clean.

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As gutter guard contractors in Granger Indiana Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper has installed Gutter Topper on over 5,000 homes in the Granger area. Gutter Topper was designed to match the color of your roof or gutters however, in most cases you will want to select one of the 13 colors including copper to match the shingles on your roof. This allows the Gutter Topper to blend in, clean up the roofs ragged edge and become unnoticeable from the ground.

We chose to install light bronze on this home in order to match the weathered wood colored shingles.

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Gutter Topper also includes a patented BirdGuard system to keep the birds out of the gutter and prohibit them from building nests inside them.

Gutter Topper also has an Ice Release system that assists the movement of ice and snow off the edges of the roof at a much greater pace which helps defeat ice dams. Gutter Topper also includes an optional Heated Ice Release system in which melts the ice and snow off the edges of the roof.