Baroda Michigan Roof, Insulation & Seamless Gutter Project


9151 Holden Road, Baroda MI 49101

Products Installed:

Shingles: CertainTeed LandMark Pro – Color: Pewter, Lifetime limited transferable warranty, 15 year StreakFighter warranty against streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae, 15 year 110 mph wind-resistance warranty, 250 lbs. per square.

SureStart Warranty: 50 years, 100% replacement including labor costs due to manufacturing defects.

Ventilation: AirVents Shingle Vent II Ridge Vent and The Edge Vent intake vent.

Insulation: Heat Deflector Insulation

Seamless Gutters and Downspouts with Leaf Solution Gutter Protection

As roofing contractors in Baroda Michigan this home was not your typical tear-off and reshingle project as the original roofing shingles were wood shake which meant the original roof deck had gaps in the 1” by decking to allow the wood shake shingles to dry out after it had rained. This required our crew to have to redeck / installed new decking to the entire roof before installing the new roof.

While our crew had access to the roof deck we cut an access entry point into the attic and installed the Heat Deflector insulation on top of the existing insulation in order to prevent the heat inside the attic during the warm months of the year from radiating down into the living areas of the inside of the home. During the winter the Heat Deflector insulation will deflect the heat from the furnace back down into the inside of the home reducing heat-loss and thereby lowing energy consumption and lowing utility bills.

We installed CertainTeed’s Winter Guard Ice and Water Shield to all eave edges and the shield extends up the roofline 6 feet. In addition, we installed the ice and water shield up all valleys, around all roof protrusions and where the lower first story roofs meet the walls of the second story. That process eliminates callbacks / service calls. On the balance of the roof deck we installed CertainTeed’s Diamond Deck synthetic felt which does not absorb moisture and is highly tear resistant.

Proper ventilation was installed in order to validate they new shingles warranty, greatly extend the life of the new shingles and to reduce energy consumption.

Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers credentials offered the ability for the homeowner to choose a shingle that best met their long-term goals and to eliminate the need to reroof the home again in their lifetimes.