Applewood Drive Project

As roofing contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers completed this project located at 4055 Applewood Drive in Saint Joseph Michigan.

Rogers 2 B&AThe homeowner’s goal was to make several improvements prior to retirement so that they would not have to worry about taking on such a large project during their retirement years. At Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers our expertise and over 40 years of family experience in the exterior remodeling business our credentials allowed us to install several products all of which carry a lifetime warranty (50 Years) and to eliminate the need of the homeowner to replace their roof again.

As roofing contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan we removed the older algae stained 3-in-1 shingles, replaced a small amount of bad decking material, removed the square static vents, a non-functioning chimney and several old soil pipes that were no longer in service.

As insulation contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan we cut an access hole to gain access into the attic so that we could pull back the insulation where the exterior wall meet the overhang soffit area to create an air-space under the roof deck so that once we installed our ridge vent with an external baffle so that dry cool air would have unrestricted access into the attic, circulate through the attic and be pumped out of the attic multiple times per hour. While we were in the attic we also installed our exclusive Heat Deflector Insulation which adds the equivalent of an R-30 insulation value when taking into account that the Deflector deflects heat up during the warm months prohibiting the heat from entering the home thereby allowing the air conditioner to work less and deflecting the heat down into the home during the winter months allowing the furnace to work less. The Heat Deflector Insulation has been proven by the Department of Energy to reduce heating and cooling costs by an average of 20 to 45%.

After closing the attic back up we began the installation of the underlayment and proper flashings. Winter Guard by CertainTeed was installed at the eave edges and extended up the roof line by 6 feet and also was installed in the valley and around all roof protrusions thereby securing the roof from future call-backs. On the balance of the roof we installed CertainTeed’s Diamond Deck synthetic felt. Diamond Deck does not wrinkle, tear or allow water/moisture to pass through adding extra protection to the roof deck.

During our proposal review, we help walk the customer through every step of the roofing process not only to secure their long-term investment but to also help educate them on why we use the products we install but also so that they can knowledgably choose the best shingle to enhance and protect their home. At Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers we don’t take for granted that the homeowner wants the same type of shingle and warranty coverage that everyone else settles for so that is why we provide our customers with options to not only improve the look of their home but to also allow them to not only differentiate their roof from their neighbors but also based on our certifications to choose labor and material warranty’s that will help protect their investment for the long-term.

IMG_4017On this project we installed CertainTeed’s LandMark Pro Georgetown Gray shingle. The LandMark Pro has an enhanced granule mix that gives the shingles a dramatic perception of depth and curb-appeal that the standard LandMark shingle does not. Base on our company’s certified credentials the homeowners roof also qualified for our 4-STAR CertainTeed SureStart Warranty that covers 100% of the labor and materials with no pro-rating involved for 50 years. This warranty is also transferable to a new homeowner if the home is sold. The SureStart Warranty is over-and-above the warranty on the shingles.

To finish this project as Seamless Gutter Contractors in Saint Joseph Michigan we installed new seamless gutters andIMG_4023 downspouts in Tuxedo Gray. And, to complete the gutter project we installed the only gutter protection gutter guard system that has passed independent tests for wind, rain, debris infiltration and that can handle the heavy snow-loads that we can experience here in southwest Michigan – Gutter Topper in Charcoal Gray to match the roofs new shingles.

IMG_4018These homeowners now have the peace of mind in knowing that the new roof, attic insulation/ventilation system and maintenance free Gutter Topper system installed on their home will protect everything that they own below.