As roofing contractors in Benton Harbor Michigan we understand the importance for a homeowner to be able to have a gutter protection system installed that does not harm your roof or void the shingles warranty. As gutter guard contractors in Benton Harbor Michigan Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers is the exclusive Dealer for sales, installation and servicing the only gutter protection system that has passed independent testing for debris infiltration, uninterrupted rain-water drainage through out the gutter system that can handle 22 inches of rainfall per hour, sustained winds of 110mph with no lift or movement and that can handle the heavy snow and ice loads that old man winter can throw at it.

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Project Location: 455 Montezuma Street, Benton Harbor MI 49022

Products Used: Gutter Topper

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Most homeowners purchase Gutter Topper after performing basic research via the internet where they find that that the most well-known consumer magazine has rated Gutter Topper as the #1 solid metal gutter cover on the market today and also proved that Gutter Topper is at the lower end in cost spectrum when compared to comparable systems. In addition, homeowners may also come across an independent testing facility video from Vice President of PRI Asphalt Technologies Don Portfolio whose company provides independent forensic testimony and technical reviews for various products. Mr. Portfolio stated “We tested Gutter Topper for windrainGutter Topper Debris Test Results and load bearing capability and nothing stopped it from performing the way it was supposed to.”

As seamless gutter contractors in Benton Harbor Michigan Gutter Topper was designed and engineered to be installed over your existing gutter system*. At Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Toppers we not only clean out your existing gutters we tune them up as well. Our tune includes a dry clean of your gutter system, repitching the gutters towards the downspouts to ensure proper water drainage, resealing any leaking seams pointed out by the homeowner and tightening up and installing additional gutter hangers if needed. The main purpose of the tune-up is based on the fact that Gutter Topper is a permanent solution to your gutter problems as proven by independent testing.

While there are over 20 other gutter protection systems on the market today ONLY Gutter Topper has passed not 1 but 2 independent tests to prove that it performs “the way it was supposed to.” – Don Portfolio, VP PRI Asphalt Technologies.

*We recommend the replacement of non-seamless gutters, steel gutters or gutter systems installed with spike and ferrule gutter hangers.

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