Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper as roofing contractors in Eau Claire Michigan replaced the roof on this ranch style home. The previous installers failed to provide the roof with adequate ventilation. There were an insufficient number of intake and exhaust vents and the intake vents were blocked by insulation in the attic. This caused the roof to deteriorate before its time and cause leaks and ice dams. The roof even had a second layer of shingles to combat the issues present, but that only covered up the issue temporarily. When our crew lifted off the old shingles it was unveiled that areas where ventilation was nonexistent, the decking had rotted away. One area with significant damage was the front overhanging porch. Another section of disintegrated decking was all along the back side of the home on the edge where the roof meets the gutter line. This is where water would back up and cause ice dams in the winter. 

Our crew fixed the past mistakes of the last installers by adjusting the insulation for proper ventilation and installing the right amount of ventilation needed for the roof of the home to breathe properly.  New decking was installed in all the areas experiencing rot. Ice & Water Shield was installed on the outer perimeter of the roof and then Roof Runner Felt filled in the other areas, this is often done to help keep costs down. After the shingles were installed the power vents are put in place. Power vents are electric powered attic vents that monitor heat and moisture buildup. They kick on when ventilation is needed as both a thermostat and a humidistat exist inside the vent measuring levels on a consistent basis.  

Quick Facts

Project Location: 4850 Kirk Road Eau Claire, MI 49111

Products Used: CertainTeed Lifetime Warranty LandMark Pro Shingles in Pewter

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