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Your roof gutters are two of the most important items on your home, especially if you live in a four-season, cold-weather area of the country like Kalamazoo, MI. Mother Nature can throw the heat of the summer months where shingle and roof temperatures can easily exceed 125 degrees to sub-zero or freezing temperatures during the winter which can take a toll on your roof and gutters, so it’s important that you protect their integrity to prohibit premature shingle failure due to the intense heat of summer and ice dams, snow, sleet, hail, and rain each year. At Dennison Exterior Solutions and Gutter Topper as roofing contractors in Kalamazoo Michigan we will make sure you get the proper roofing and gutter protection your home needs!

Roofing Services

Whether you need a roof replacement or some roofing repairs we will use our over 46 years of experience to educate you on your roofing options. At Dennison Exterior Solutions & Gutter Topper over the past 4 decades our customers have taught us what they need to ensure customer satisfaction. We will educate you about the roofing process including installing proper ventilation that is now required in order to validate all new roofing installations which not only saves you energy and reduces your utility bills but also lowers your home insurance rates based on our installation methods. We are proud to be the only roofer in a 125 mile radius that installs a truly leakproof roof and whose installers are some of the most experienced and highest rated in that area. Our shingles come with an enhanced granule mix that will give your home a much richer dramatic color than you neighbors that also includes a fully transferable 50 Year Labor, Material & Shingle Warranty backed by the manufacturer. Our most popular shingle also includes a Class 4 hail rating making it the most durable shingle on the market today which can also further lower your home insurance costs. 

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Gutter Services

Gutters are some of the most important amenities of your roof and home that are great for moving water off the roof and down and away from the foundation of your home. However, open gutters can have problems of their own though. They literally spend 24/7 catching all the debris that finds its way onto your roof and then create a homeowners most dangerous task of having to climb rickety old ladders to keep their gutter clean and free-flowing. An open gutter is also a great way for the movement of ice and snow down the pitch of your roof where it piles up inside your gutters and creates an ice dam allowing ice and water to back-flow up under the shingles damaging the roof decking, gutters, soffit, fascia and in a worst case even destroy your interior ceiling, walls and floors. Our Gutter Topper system can stop all that from happening not only protecting your home but your health as well. Gutter Topper is the ONLY gutter protection system on the market today that has passed independent testing for wind, rain, debris and withstand heavy snow and ice loads and to be rated #1 by a leading independent testing magazine. 

Our new seamless gutters with over 20 customized colors can help properly move the water off your roof and away from your foundation. With the installation of our Gutter Topper system it turn the entire system into a lifetime warranty. 

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View our Gutter Topper Portfolio:

Why Choose Dennison Exterior Solutions?

If you’re living in the Kalamazoo, MI area, your best choice for gutter and roofing services can only be Dennison Exterior Solutions. For over 43 years, we have been using products manufactured in the United States to help homeowners deal with roofing and gutter issues. Our full-service team can ensure that the foundation and roof of your home or building is in good working order.

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Weathered Wood Max Def Lifetime Warranty Shingles

GeorgeTown Gray 50 Year Labor, Material & Shingle Warranty with 15 Year Warranty Seamless Gutters and Solution Gutter Guards 50 Year Shingle, Labor & Material Warranty Georgetown Gray 103 mph Wind Warranty Shingles

GeorgeTown Gray 50 Year Labor, Material & Shingle Warranty with 15 Year Warranty Seamless Gutters and Solution Gutter Guards

Dennison Exterior Solutions Lifetime Warranty Labor, Material & Shingle Warranty – NorthGate Weathered Wood Shingles

Light Bronze Lifetime Warranty Gutter Topper

Light Bronze Lifetime Warranty Gutter Topper


Light Gray Lifetime Warranty Gutter Topper Pewter Lifetime Warranty Shingles with Charcoal Lifetime Warranty Gutter Topper Charcoal Lifetime Warranty Gutter Moire Black Lifetime Warranty Shingles

Dennison Exterior Solutions and Gutter Topper as roofing contractors in Stevensville, MI.

Dennison Exterior Solutions – CertainTeed Lifetime Warranty LandMarkPro Shingles in Heather Blend, Gutter Topper in Royal Brown and Seamless Gutters and Downspouts in Royal Brown Pewter Lifetime Warranty Shingles, Seamless Gutter with Lifetime Warranty Charcoal Needle Guard Pewter Lifetime Warranty Shingles